Looking for personal loans for tenants? Whether you're a council or housing association tenant, rent a private property or live with your parents, we promote a competitive range of tenant loan products from a panel of lenders in the UK.

Whether you want to buy a car, go on holiday or consolidate your debts, simply view our comparison tables to find the best rates for you.

Whatever your situation, we are confident you'll find a solution. Tenant loans are available to people with CCJs, poor credit rating, declined elsewhere, arrears, bankruptcy and other credit problems.

Personal loans

  • Any purpose loans which you usually repay between 1 and 7 years
  • Borrow between 250 and 15000
  • Fixed monthly repayments

Car finance

  • Get finance to buy a car
  • Buy a car from a dealer of your choice or use a company which provides a car and finance package
  • Fixed monthly repayments

All circumstances considered

  • Council tenants
  • Private tenants
  • Bad credit history
  • Poor credit rating
  • Low credit score
  • CCJs & Defaults

When the credit crunch hit in 2008, the ramifications for borrowers where immense. Lenders imposed much tougher restrictions on lending and the era of easy credit for all came to an abrubt end.

Loans became in short supply, particularly for those tenants who had a blot on their credit report. Anyone with anything other than a glowing credit score found themselves ostracised by mainstream lenders.

Loans for tenants with a bad credit rating are still few on the ground, but there are some specialist companies who can help.

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